24 July 2018

How to choose a name for your pet?

The name of your pets is very important and should not be chosen carelessly. It will follow your pets their entire lives. If you choose a […]
24 July 2018

Going on holiday with your pets

To avoid some inconvenience, check to see if your pet’s papers and vaccines are up-to-date before your departure.
24 July 2018

A perfect oral hygiene

According to statistics, over 85% of dogs suffer from gingivitis problems during their lifes. Periodontal disease comes from dental plaque. It begins with inflammation of the […]
24 July 2018

How to feed your pet during the holidays?

To prepare delicious dishes for your pets when you are not at home may be more difficult. The Eurovet veterinary surgery give you advice on meals […]
24 July 2018

Agitated dogs

It turned your home upside down and it behave badly. Why? How to resolve it? Here are some explanations and tips. Why such behavior? The accumulation […]
24 July 2018

Exotic pets: the canary

They are more than 10 million in France: exotic pets are an integral part of domestic animals. The canary remains however the most common one.
24 July 2018

Puppies’ evolution

Puppies, before becoming successful adults, have to go through several stages. 
24 July 2018

New insurance Equivet

    We have developed a preventive health program for your horse to ensure the best sanitary conditions and the best possible care for your animal. […]
17 July 2018

How to prevent your dog overweight?

Overweight and, of course, pet obesity reduce their life expectancy, due to a greater risk of disease. In France and England, more than 2 out of […]
17 July 2018

What should they eat?

Many petowner consider their pets as human beings: this is known as anthropomorphism. What does that mean in terms of diet? Can and should they eat […]
17 July 2018

How to prepare yor pets to go on holiday

Going on holiday represents a big change for your pets, therefore you have to prepare them carefully.
17 July 2018

Take care of your pet’s eyes

The eye is a sensitive organ that requires a perfect hygiene and a regular control. Here are some indications of the Eurovet veterinary surgery to take […]
10 July 2018

Pets jealousy

Sometimes the arrival of another person in the home can have negative impact on our pets. Your pets become jealous? They change their behavior since the […]
10 July 2018

Our pets, our best friends

Pets play a vital role in some people lifes. After period of discovering each other, when everyone tries to tame the other, comes the time of […]
9 July 2018

Insurance for Pets

The great benefit of pet insurance is that “it favours clinical criterias rather than economic ones. Our customers can stop worrying about the health costs of […]
9 July 2018

How to wash your cat?

You thought it was impossible? However, the bath can become a moment of complicity between you and your cat. As surprising as it may seem, cats […]
6 July 2018

Pet independence

Dogs are the human’s best friend while cats are more independent. This is just one more stereotype: each of them has its part of independence and […]
23 May 2018

Puppy Class

“Properly trained, dog may be the man’s best friend” Throughout its development, your puppy is exploring the world around him, learning to relate to it and […]
23 May 2018

Canine Leishmaniasis

The Clinic Eurovet advised you that Leishmaniasis is a serious disease in dogs. It is caused by a blood parasite that is transmitted by the bite […]
18 May 2018

Equine Medicine

We propose an ambulatory service for horses, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, including medical and surgical emergencies assistance. Besides competing during 9 years […]
17 May 2018

General Medicine

Small Animal Practice In our clinic, the vet is not only concerned with curing diseases but also to avoid, as far as possible, that they appear […]
17 May 2018

Keys of happiness for cats

Near a third of cats live in an apartment. For some, it seems cruel to deprive them of an outside frame but if all their needs […]
15 October 2014

Tricks to make them take their pill

Your pet doesn’t want to swallow its medicine? Play with his weak points to make him swallow the pill. Whether he is of the size of […]
13 October 2014
Peniscola Eurovet Surgery - Blog - veterinary consultation

How to master your pet’s fear of the veterinarian

Going to the veterinarian is a nightmare for them? Even you fear this moment? Some advice to make this moment becomes less difficult. The majority of […]
21 March 2014

How to adopt an animal

Eurovet informs you about adoption. Thanks to adoption, you give to the pet which was in pain a new chance. You don’t have the right to […]
21 February 2014

Premium PetFood: because our pets are worth it!

As for human beings, pets have now specific adapted nutrients.    
19 February 2014

Relationships between pets and kids

How to improve relationships between pets and children? Eurovet helps you. Plenty of kids would like to host a new pet in the family. But as […]
1 January 2014

Domestic accidents involving pets

  Home is a place where a lot of accidents could be avoided. A lot of them currently happen because of a lack of caution.
2 December 2013

“Post-Holiday Depression Syndrome” : Your pet is concerned!

Eurovet tells you how to help your pet when it feels depressed. It is generally caused by the end of the summer.
1 November 2013
Una mudanza sin estrés

How to relocate avoiding stress to your pets

Pets don’t like when their environment is changing. Their way of life is altered. We tell you today how to pacify them and make the move […]
28 June 2013

Cautious with the Rabies

Eurovet reminds you that this disease is still vigorous and really dangerous. That’s why you need to be careful.
14 June 2013

You are allergic to the cat hair? Don’t worry, you still have solutions…

You would love to have a cat but you are allergic. Eurovet explains you how to surpass this little clash.
8 June 2013

How to fight fleas

  Unwanted fleas.   Wherever you live, fleas are terrible insects that cause itching.
3 March 2013

How to know when your pets are suffering

It is not always obvious to know when your pet suffers, and thus, to look after him. We help you to reveal the signs of suffering. […]
1 March 2013

Car journeys

The car represents the most common means of transport for our pets. Generally, dogs and cats are very well by car since they were been used […]
10 January 2013

Take care of your animal during the winter

Pets also feel the changes of seasons and thus the cold of the winter. In spite of their fur, dogs and cats are not protected against […]
28 December 2012

Does your animal need a diet?

Obesity affects more and more animals and decreases their life expectancy. An animal is considered as obese when it exceeds of 20 % its ideal weight. […]
23 November 2012

Winter Fatigue: Your pets spend a lot of time sleeping

Today, some pieces of advice about the Season changes: Your pets spend most of their time sleeping and that worries you? Do not worry, it is […]
16 November 2012

The ferret

Adopted by more and more homes in England, the ferret, a small very nice animal, is famous. This diurnal animal can live freely in the house. […]
7 November 2012

Animals suffer as us

It is not always easy to understand the messages our pet tries to make us pass by its acts. The Eurovet veterinary clinic helps you to […]
20 October 2012

Cats Anxiety

Eurovet informs you about cats anxiousness. Very famous for being independents, our cats can be very anxious and depressives. Eurovet tells you today how to quiet […]
19 October 2012

Precautions to be taken by the sea

During your stay by the sea, it is important to take certain precautions for you and your family. It’s the same for your pets.  
11 October 2012

Loss or discovery of an animal

We attend every year the disappearance, the loss, the running away either even the theft of numerous pets. It is not always simple, to react well, […]
8 October 2012

Too social dogs

It is certainly very pleasant to have a sociable and nice dog, however be careful of the excess of kindness!  
8 October 2012

The extending sleep of tortoises

Tortoises are animals which begin to winter as soon as it’s a bit cold. It is necessary to be all eyes and indeed to respect this […]
8 October 2012

Pet Grooming: Your dog’s bath

In the pet grooming, the bath represents an important hygiene measure. Why? When? How? The Eurovet veterinary clinic from Peniscola gives you advice and helps you […]
8 October 2012

Senility in pets

The disorders caused by the cerebral ageing do not affect only men. Animals are also subject to the problems of orientation or to the progressive loss […]
8 October 2012

How to avoid that your cat puts on weight

The weight’s gain in pets decreases their life expectancy because of a bigger risk of disease. In France and in England, more than 2 animals on […]
28 September 2012

Put your animals in the shade

Animals appreciate the heat of the sun but it does not necessarily mean that they are not sensitive to it. Take care of not exposing them […]
18 September 2012

Your pets on holiday

In spite of your pets’ cleanliness and their good education, they may not be welcome on your holiday resort. The Eurovet veterinary Clinic informs you : […]