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You are allergic to the cat hair? Don’t worry, you still have solutions…

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - You have allergies to cat hair?You would love to have a cat but you are allergic. Eurovet explains you how to surpass this little clash.

You are currently dreaming about to have a cat!? Even a little contact with a cat causes on you sneezing, irritations and tears… In the USA, a third of the Americans own a cat, although they are allergic. In France, just a 2,5% of French people have an allergy due to pets. There are, in fact, just a few rules to follow in order to avoid this kind of inconvenience.

Some breeds are less allergenic.

Hypersensitivity is caused by allergens settled in the fur of the cat, and produced by sebum. In this way, breeds like Cornish rex, Devon rex, Korat or the Sphinx can be owned because they practically don’t lose their fur. They are less allergenic. Before you get a cat, visit a cat rescue. And regarding the sex of the animal, it’s recommended to get a female, because it’s less allergenic.

Regularly brush your cat.

There is nothing better to decrease the amount of allergens in its fur. Brush it daily and make it take a shower sometimes. Don’t forget to cure it against fleas (these fleas make your cat produce more sebum and allergens, because it loses a lot of fur). Wash your hands after every contact, even a single one.

Is there a better solution? Yes, sterilization!

It is the best way to decrease drastically the amount of Fel D1, the current allergen of the cat male. In the USA, some people succeeded to cancel these effects on genetically modified species (sold from 5 000 to 15 000 euros, depending on the breed). An excessive price, when we know that cats do not only secrete the Fel D1 allergen.

Make sure that you live in a safe and healthy place.

Air purifiers, lavender essential oils, pass the hoover or remove carpets in the house can help to reach that aim. All these healthcare routine gestures drastically reduce the amount of allergens present in the air… Try if you can to quit smoking.

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