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How to choose a name for your pet?

Clinique Vétérinaire Eurovet - Choisir un nom pour vos animauxThe name of your pets is very important and should not be chosen carelessly. It will follow your pets their entire lives. If you choose a name quickly, you may end up with pets that share the same name as others in the neighborhood. Your veterinarian can help you to choose a name that you will not regret over the years.


Do not give a double-barreled name to your pets because the objective is to get it easy when you will have to call out to them. Also avoid the name that are difficult to pronounce like “Schmoutz, Blomkvist”, or certain names for humans. At best, the neighbor will jump at hearing “Heee John!”, at worst, you will be taken for an emotional deficient that confuses child and animal. Keep in mind that you will have to shout it shamelessly in the street for 15 years!

Prefer short names (one or two syllables), easy to understand. And above all, a name that does not look like a common word. You must have pleasure in pronouncing it.

Your choice can refer to a character o physical trait,  or even to a fictional character.

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