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General Medicine

Consulta de Perros y Gatos

Small Animal Practice

In our clinic, the vet is not only concerned with curing diseases but also to avoid, as far as possible, that they appear or worsen through routine checks. These are essentials, especially in old pets, to diagnose and treat before the illness appears.

Consulta de Exóticos

Exotic animals Practice

Dr. Savary graduated from the “Royal Veterinary College of London” of a Masters course in wild animal health and therefore can give to your exotic pets the best care.

Trámites OficialesTrámites Oficiales

Official procedures

In the Valencia Province, the identification of dogs is obligatory from the age of three months which is the reason why we offer an identification service.

It is performed by implanting subcutaneously (between the skin and muscle) a microchip. The microchip number is associated with the data owner. Data from the dog or cat and its owner are also associated with each other and stored in a database owned by the official organization RIVIA.


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