We have our own lab so we are able to do most of the routine analysis for the daily consultations. With the results we can investigate different pathologies.

Our clients have the results in just some minutes. This allow us to have the best treatment without waiting the results of an external lab.


This type of analysis allows us to know some parameters that help to diagnose organic pathologies like endocrine or hepatic diseases.


With this blood test we can do blood cell counts to find or to investigate pathologies like anaemia, infections or coagulation diseases.


We evaluate the urine with a complete study of it that includes: test strips, Heller´s reaction, urine specific gravity total serum proteins, refractive index and urine sediment. The main purpose for this is to diagnose quickly sickness like: cystitis, diabetes, renal disease or urinary cristals.


We have stains to be able to do cytological studies and reach advanced diagnoses.

Blood smear with which we can detect blood parasites or other types of blood disorders.

Vaginal smears to detect the moment of the estrous cycle and to know the moment of ovulation (optimal moment of mounting or risk of pregnancy in unwanted mounts). Also for the early diagnosis of vaginal pathologies.

Study of tissues that may generate suspicion such as lymph nodes or tumor masses.

Atrial cytologies for the diagnosis of microorganisms present in otitis and to be able to put the corresponding treatment.


We do coprological analysis to diagnose the parasitic diseases of the intestinal track. This procedure permit us detect worms, eggs… So, we are able to identify the parasites and to quantify the infestation level in order to choose the best treatment.


Quick fecal test allows us to have a diagnose in only some minutes about different diseases from viruses or parasites (for example: Leishmaniasis, Parvovirus or Feline Leukemia). Diseases that a fast diagnose is vital to establish the suitable treatment.