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Other medical services
Consultas a Domicilio

Not everyone is able to come to our clinic with their animal. Facing this circumstance, we move to your house to offer you our services.

Specialise behaviour consultation

Ethology means the study of behaviour. This can be the solution to some anomalous behaviours like: aggressiveness, separation anxiety, depression or hyperactivity.

Neonatal nursery

We offer a complete service with all the preparation needed and vigilance for the pregnancy. Includes echography and X-ray check-ups and of course all the medical support in any kind of birth from natural birth, to assisted or surgical (caesarean birth). We also have an incubator and a paediatric scale so the new born will have all the attention and care needed.


Health of our pets is based in three different things: genetics, environment and nutrition. Nutrition has a great impact, affects directly and in an effective way in their health. We offer you high quality feed like the brand Hill´s which products have all the specific requirements to keep our animals healthy or therapeutic products for different pathologies.

Weight control programmes

A good option to control your pet´s weight. The vet will advise you and inform you about the best plan for your animal, everything through weekly check-ups of their weight, special nutrition and all our effort to have a real loss of weight.

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