Our operating room is fully equipped to proceed any kind of surgery, from routine interventions to complicated ones.

We have the most innovative surgical tools at our disposal.

Gas anaesthesia for a better breathing control.

Monitoring equipment for the highest safety during the anaesthesia during surgery.

Motorized hydraulic table.

Waterbed to limit intraoperative hypothermia.

Operating theatre lamp with led light bulb.

Surgery vacuum to use in procedures when you need to slurp liquids from some cavities.

Cauterization with electro scalpel.


We do any kind of soft tissue surgeries, among them:

Reproductive system surgery.

Urinary system surgery.

Digestive tract surgery.

Plastic surgery and skin reconstruction.


We rely on the service of an orthopaedic specialist to be able to offer an advance service. Standing out:

Surgical treatment of fractures.

TLA for cruciate ligament rupture.

Surgical resolution for luxations.

Surgical resolution of discal herniation.

Triple hip osteotomy.

Joint prosthesis.


We procedure basic surgeries like for example:

Periodontal examination and treatment.

Abscess and caries treatment.

Tooth extraction.