With our ultrasound scanner we can investigate in a non-invasive way, internal organs like heart, liver, kidneys or gut. General scanners and more specific ones allows us to diagnose different pathologies that affect those organs like: cystitis, calculus or heart diseases.


We can visualise in a non invasive way all the auricular conduct to diagnose otitis, strange bodies or tympanic membrane perforation.


Allows us to diagnose diferent heart diseases measuring rhythm and regularity of the heart beats, also the size and position of all the cardiac chambers.


We have one of the latest microscopes to analyse different types of samples, from vagina samples to skin or auricular samples. Straightaway in the consultation and in only some minutes. This allow us to put a effective treatment to different pathologies that affect our pets, also to even show you through a video equipment connected to the microscope.


Our X-Ray equipment is high frequency with a mobile table to be able to do xray to all types of pets.