"Health and Illness from another perspective"

If we consider that the natural tendency of any organism is to tend to cure, the combined use of medicines, diverse and all capable of supporting and reinforcing the organism's own healing reactions, allow the animal's health to be restored more quickly.

Contrary to the widely held idea that all therapeutic techniques are mutually exclusive and incompatible, Integrative Medicine, on the contrary, aims to work with allopathic medicine and unconventional medicines together.

This new model of veterinary assistance allows the reduction of the usual drug doses, benefiting the synergies between the different techniques and therapeutic remedies, be they allopathic, homeopathic, phytotherapeutic, orthomolecular, etc.

Although the fundamental principle "Primum non nocere" leads us to want to use, in the first instance, less aggressive medications and processes, integrative medicine does not exclude the use of current pharmacology at all.

So, Integrative Medicine can be applied in a large number of pathologies, although it demonstrates its true potential with "polymedicated" patients who suffer from ill-defined or unknown chronic pathologies, and therefore poorly treated, such as fatigue, unknown pain, or any field in which conventional medicine falls short. It will not be enough to treat the symptoms! To achieve the goal and end up restoring a global state of health of the organism, integrative medicine requires a complete diagnosis and a comprehensive analysis of the underlying causes of the pathology.

The comprehensive approach, combining conventional treatments with complementary therapeutic alternatives, greatly enhances the results, allowing us to approach patients with chronic diseases, who until then received merely palliative treatment. This alternative considers the patient as an individual being, personalizing the treatment according to her global situation, that is, age, physiological or metabolic state, family environment, etc.

Integrative medicine is oriented to the restitution of health, which supposes a global analysis of the causes that originate a certain pathology. This new model of veterinary assistance offers the possibility of reducing traditional medication by incorporating orthomolecular supplementation that allows us to use natural active ingredients at therapeutic concentrations, highlighting the fundamental role that nutrition plays in producing improvements in patients through a individualized nutritional program tailored to your disease.

Some specialties are included in this new concept of medicine:


Veterinary homeopathy maintains that a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy individuals will cure the same in patients. Thus, it is a therapeutic system that treats the causes of the disease and promotes the health and vigor of the animals, strengthening defense mechanisms and recovery processes, thus generating a great benefit. The use of homeopathic medicines in animals destined for human consumption makes it possible to eliminate drug residues in products such as meat and milk.


This therapy consists of the use of plants and herbal formulas that help the body restore its balance. The formula used will always depend on the pattern or syndrome diagnosed in the patient. Its correct use in animals should be done based on protocols and by a qualified veterinarian./p>

Phytotherapy can be administered with different presentations: powder, capsules, tablets, etc. The choice of the route of administration as well as the dosage will vary from 1 to 3 times a day, depending on the patient.


Taking into account modern studies on psychoimmunology and in psychosomatic terrain, it is believed that emotions contribute to create, through limbo-hypothalamic connections, reactions on the organism, both on a biological and behavioral level. In other words, by treating emotional imbalances, the so-called Bach Flower Elixirs (EFB), allow us to improve the physical condition of our patients in pathologies that are generally difficult to treat, such as anxiety, allergies, etc.


Created in France by Dr Pistor, mesotherapy uses the local and powerful effect (with minimal doses). Thus, homeopathic medicines, traditional pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids will be administered intradermally, locally or locoregionally in the affected body areas. Its purpose is to treat a wide variety of ailments, based on the properties of the skin. All medications are selected by a specialist veterinarian based on the condition to be treated. It consists of a very interesting alternative to treat a wide variety of localized pathologies, based on the properties of the skin.

All medications are selected by a specialized veterinarian, depending on the condition to be treated. It is particularly effective in treating pain linked to muscle and ligament pathologies, arthritis, back pain, sprains, tendinitis, contractures, neuritis, cataract or deafness syndromes, local alopecia, etc. This low-invasive, low-risk and inexpensive treatment is mainly used in equine, canine and feline patients, although it can be used in any other species. It has important advantages, among others, reducing the side effects of medications or reducing the pharmacological doses injected.


It is a therapy based on the use of ozone combined with medicinal oxygen, the effects of which are applied to a wide range of therapeutic applications. Used correctly by trained personnel, it does not present any side effect on health, it has an antioxidant effect, it acts as a broad-spectrum germicide, improves blood circulation, has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect and also modulates the immune system. Thus, its applications are numerous, for example in cases of hyperglycemia, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, atopy, asthma, neurodegenerative diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, oncological processes or dermatological pathologies, among others.


Orthomolecular Nutrition describes the practice of preventing and / or treating the disease by providing the body with an optimal cellular balance through optimal amounts of high-quality, highly assimilable natural nutrients, which are part of cellular metabolism on a regular basis, complementing the limitations of diet everyday. It is used as a single treatment or as an aid in regular treatments to improve and accelerate its result. The most common elements are nutritional supplements, including vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, flavonoids, alkaloids of certain plants, etc.