Some people need to move about but they do not have the option to bring their pets with them, this does not mean the animal has to go to a kennel. The animal can stay at home with your home daycare. It is an option focus on the animal´s well-being.


Our nurse will go to your home twice a day giving your animal the best care:

During the morning: we walk the dogs, and take advantage to give them a small education class. Of course, we make sure they are fine, that they have enough food and water. Also, if it is possible, we leave them outdoors so they can enjoy fresh air.

During the afternoon: we give them another walk with a little class, we fill up their food and water and in this moment we leave them inside so they can rest comfortably.


Our nurse will go every day to check on your cat and make sure it is in good conditions. Our assistant will change the water, give more food, clean its litter and she will spend some time with it to play and give it the care that needs.