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How to prepare yor pets to go on holiday


Going on holiday represents a big change for your pets, therefore you have to prepare them carefully.

1 month before going on holiday

Check their vaccines and make sure they are all up to date (rabies, etc.). Depending on the countries, inform yourself if it is recommended to vaccinate your dogs against vector borne diseases, such as leishmaniasis, piroplasmosis, borreliosis…. Have them identified, it will help searches in case of loss.

2 weeks before going on holiday

During your stay, if you are going to feed your pets with dry food, get them accustomed to this new food gradually. For long-haired pets, have them groomed: a shearing will allow them to have a better summer. Treat them against fleas and ticks. If you are going to the Mediterranean basin, protect the dogs against leishmaniasis: buy them a collar that repels the mosquitoes, which are the vectors of this disease. You will find these collars in the shop of your Eurovet veterinary surgery.


1 week before going on holiday

Provide for a dish, sleeping mat, brush and comb. Prepare an emergency medical kit with: disinfectant, bandages, compresses, ear drops, anti-diarrhea, a hook to remove ticks, a lotion against skin irritation, a product for the eyes and a shampoo.



If they are sick in transport, leave them on a diet 12 hours before leaving, you will avoid unpleasant surprises. Do not let them put their head outside the window, it can provokes an irritation of their eyes and ears.

Do not leave your cats free in the car but rather in a basket and spray a feromonal solution if they are stressed.

Dr. F. Savary

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