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Going on holiday with your pets


To avoid some inconvenience, check to see if your pet’s papers and vaccines are up-to-date before your departure.

Traveling with a kitten

Cats under 3 months old are not allowed to cross borders. And, past this age, cats must, like dogs, be identified before going on vacation.


Passport for dogs

Your pets are identified by a European passport made by the veterinarian. It contains information to identify your pets while retracing their medical history and vaccinations.


Travel conditions vary from country to country

England, Sweden and Ireland, for example, have additional requirements: ask your travel agency.


Your holiday location may require his health book

Hotels, campsites, are entitled to ask you for the health record of your pets. In addition, if your pet has a health problem during your vacation, it is better to be able to show its health record to the veterinarian.


Are the damage caused by pets on the holiday covered by your insurance?

It depends on your contract. Nevertheless, you can tell your insurance company that you are leaving with your pets and thus subscribe to a specific contract for veterinary expenses or even repatriation.


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