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The ferret

Eurovet Surgery - The ferret

Adopted by more and more homes in England, the ferret, a small very nice animal, is famous. This diurnal animal can live freely in the house. It’s possible to educate it without any trouble if you want him to make its needs in a cat litter. It becomes perfectly used to the presence of the other animals, except the rodents and the rabbits, because its instinct of hunter may come back. It’s better to avoid young children’s presence because he might bite them.

Manage its weight

Its digestive transit is very fast, 3 hours on average, it is thus necessary to feed it often. The food can be given self-service but be careful of the weight gain. The male has to weigh 1 to 1,5 kg, the female between 0,6 and 1 kg maximum. If you feed it with food for cat (boxes or dry catfood), add meat of chicken, some fish, and bread. Specific food for ferret exists; you will find in it the shop of the Eurovet veterinary clinic of Peniscola.

A disturbing smell

This one is due to the anal glands and to the secretion of hormones. To avoid this inconvenience, it is necessary to sterilize the animal and to remove these glands, interventions to be made between the age of 4 and 8 months. The hot season of females being permanent, in case of absence of male, it is indispensable to sterilize them.

Be careful of the viruses

The ferret is sensitive to the knocks of heat and to the dehydration. It is thus indispensable to leave always some water next to him. Beyond 37 °C of outside temperature, he has difficulty in regulating its own temperature. It is sensitive to the same viral diseases as the dog, it is thus necessary to vaccinate it against canine distemper virus, hepatitis and parvovirus. With a lot of attention and affection, you can keep your companion for ten years.

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