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Clinique Vétérinaire – Animaux Exotique – Canari

Exotic pets: the canary

They are more than 10 million in France: exotic pets are an integral part of domestic animals. The canary remains however the most common one.Clinique vétérinaire - Canari, animaux exotiques

Set up a healthy atmosphere

The cage should be placed in a bright place, avoiding direct sunlight, drafts, humidity and changes in temperature (dangerous for health). Also avoid contaminated atmosphere.


Make sure that hygiene is perfect

A weekly cleaning of their cage and their accessories is recommended. As for the trough and the manger, they must be cleaned every day.


Ensure a balanced diet

Vitamin and mineral supplements accentuate the radiance of the plumage. To get advice on the most appropriate type of diet, contact the Eurovet veterinary surgery, where you will find a specialist in exotic pets.


Respect the cycles

You have to get them used to the rhythm day/night, light/darkness, using a dark cloth.


Favour partial liberty 

Watch out for all the windows and mirrors where they may hit and get hurt. It would be better to avoid them.


Observe your animal to detect diseases

Changes in weight, diarrhea, inactivity, and stopping of birdsong are symptoms to watch for. Sick birds have half-closed eyes, ruffled feathers and refuse to perch. The Eurovet surgery offers an exotic pets consultation service.


Dr. F. Savary

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