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Loss or discovery of an animal

Veterinaria Peñiscola - Animal perdido o encontrado

We attend every year the disappearance, the loss, the running away either even the theft of numerous pets. It is not always simple, to react well, because of the emotion or the surprise.



You “lost” your animal

The cats which disappear are never very far and can be clamped in an enclosed garden, a cellar, a barn… Dogs can be walking in the neighborhood either having been stolen.

Warn your neighbors and make the tour of the district by calling them calmly (if they feel anxiety in your voice, they will not go out). Think of using also food. Plan possibly a transport box for cats and a leash (+/-harness and leash) for dogs to avoid that they escape you again once found.

Their disappearance must be declared as quickly as possible to the body of recording of the identifications (RIVIA in the community of Valencia) which can take your address and phone number of holiday. Warn the veterinarians of neighborhood, police station and, especially when animals are not registered, the pound as well as the refuges. Also think of classified ads. The Eurovet veterinary clinic offers you even the possibility of publishing an on-line announcement of your lost or found animal.


You found a dog or a lost cat

If the presence of address and phone number is not visible, take them to the veterinarian who will look for a possible chip of identification (with a reader). Their registration number allows finding immediately their master. In case of lack of registration, begin the researches: contact the veterinary clinics of the region, the local police, the kennels and the refuge, put posters with the photo of the animal in your district and at the storekeepers, and surf on the animal sites indicating the disappearances.


Do what’s necessary to avoid the worst

Except the fact that the identification is today compulsory at dogs (and cats according to countries), the latter brings numerous advantages for the drawing of pets. Thus identify all your animals by means of an electronic chip, much more reliable than the tattoo. They will so be recorded in the national database (and European), what will facilitate largely the research.

Certain pets tend to go away. To avoid any dangerous escapade, sterilize your cats and let them come in at night. The castration and a “no-running away necklace” can calm the independent dogs. Also think of the GPS for dog.


Dr. F. Savary

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