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“Post-Holiday Depression Syndrome” : Your pet is concerned!

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - Depressive Pets after Summer HolidaysEurovet tells you how to help your pet when it feels depressed. It is generally caused by the end of the summer.

During summer and holidays, you generally spend a lot of time with your pet. Your kids also dedicate a lot of time to it. That’s why, when holidays come to an end, come back to a normal life can be difficult for your domestic pet.

It feels alone.

You can’t spend as much time with it as you did in the past. It feels alone and has hard and long days to face. It doesn’t understand why…

Explicit behaviours.

They feel sad, don’t really eat, they yell or eat your shoes when they are alone. Well, they feel alone… You could easily lose your mind. But you have to keep calm.

How to fix it?

Don’t punish it! If it acts like that, this is may be to keep some sort of contact with you. Even if it’s hard to keep calm, you have to. Your stuffs remind to your pet your presence. Try to be nice with it and spend as time as you can when you are at home. Get it several toys and let it have fun. Just relax and enjoy with your pet. For further information, contact us, our clinic can help you thanks to our behavioural service.


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