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A perfect oral hygiene

Eurovet-Veterinary-Clinic-Oral-hygieneAccording to statistics, over 85% of dogs suffer from gingivitis problems during their lifes.

Periodontal disease comes from dental plaque. It begins with inflammation of the gums and progresses to the area around the teeth (periodontal) provoking the retraction of the gums. The bacteria can colonize the alveolar bone and cause the periodontal disease. If your pet has the following symptoms, you should suspect a buccal pathology:

  • Halitosis (Bad breath)
  • Hipersalivation
  • Presence of brown deposits on the teeth, especially at the junction between teeth and gums
  • Bleeding of the gums
  • Decrease of food consumption: your pet goes with enthousiasm to its bowl, but only ingests soft foods and rejects dry food
  • Inflammation, or even appearance of a fistula in the maxilla, just below the eye
  • It scratches his face with its forelegs

Your pet has bad breath, dental plaque? Eurovet give you some tips.

Think about descaling

If your dog or cat has bad breath, in nine out of ten cases, the origin is oral. This may be related to the presence of tartar, a gingivitis or an abscess. Descaling and polishing teeth under anesthesia are required. Consult your veterinarian because, as for humans, tartar is responsible for the loosening of the teeth, infections, local and in the rest of the body (heart, kidneys), due to the passage of bacteria in the blood. The Eurovet veterinary surgery offers its services for a perfect descaling.


Brush its teeth

It is the most effective against dental plaque. Use an edible dental gel for pets twice a week. Rub with your finger to accustom your pet, then with the brush or the fingerstall provided with the tube. For the recalcitrants or the cats, use toothpastes without brushing in tablet form or paste.


The benefits of toys and candies 

Rubber toys and chewing cords stimulate masticatory behavior, while promoting dental hygiene. Moreover, you can also buy specific sticks to chew, impregnated with an enzymatic complex active against plaque. Avoid pebbles, sticks and tennis balls that will cause injuries to both, teeth and gums.


A cleansing and nourishing action at the same time

Brushing its teeth while eating is possible! Indeed, dry food, with their texture, their hardness and their volume, allow the mechanical teeth cleaning. Even Better : they contain elements that delay and reduce the dental plaque mineralization.


 The benefits of the sea

The Ascophyllum nodosum is a marine algae that would have a preventive action on dental plaque and tartar. Presented as an alternative to brushing, it exists as a food powder to mix with its food, every day.


Dr. F. Savary

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