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How to prevent your dog overweight?

How to prevent your dog overweight? - Eurovet Veterinary SurgeryOverweight and, of course, pet obesity reduce their life expectancy, due to a greater risk of disease. In France and England, more than 2 out of 5 pets are overweight. Here are some tips to prevent this problem.

Weigh them regularly

Weighing your pet regularly will allow you to become aware of its weight variations: perform it about every 2 months. You just have to go to the clinic to weigh your pet for free as often as you like.

In the case of dogs that are too nervous, weigh yourself first, and then take your dog in your arms. The difference between  both results is your Pet weight. Do not hesitate to ask the Eurovet veterinary team to record the weight of your pet each time in order to keep a weighing history.


Opt for a varied diet

For dogs, we recommend a diet based on dry food: it prevents the formation of dental plaque and, as it is often less palatable, it limits the amount of ingested food. In addition, dogs fed with dry food always drink at the end of their meals, which fills the food inside the stomach and increases the impression of satiety.

If you have a dog that eat a lot, multiply the number of meals to avoid hunger between meals: you can use an electronic distributor to program meals at set times (every 6 hours maximum for example) during your absence.

You can also add fiber with vegetables such as green beans. They have many advantages:

– They only  bring very few energy.

– Fibers are slow-digesting carbohydrates and therefore provide less glucose at once, and for more time.

– They take up a lot of space for few calories, providing a feeling of satiety.


Promote physical exercice

Create a paper chase with kibble or treats. It will allow them to burn calories while having fun. If you want to play with them, opt for the frisbee or the tennis ball … This is a great way to run and spend their energy!

Walks are perfect to enjoy times with your pet, to have fun and to exercise. However, dogs need to work out themselves freely at least once a day. Find a large space outdoor as a park, so they can play so much as they need.

Finally, there are also other games to make your dog moving: do not hesitate to visit our shop and ask our team for advice in case of doubt.


Fight against stress

Stress, by the endogenous secretion of cortisol, gives hunger. To relax your pet, buy a soothing pheromone diffuser. He will be less obsessed with food.


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