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How to feed your pet during the holidays?

Eurovet-Veterinary-Clinic-Food-HolidaysTo prepare delicious dishes for your pets when you are not at home may be more difficult. The Eurovet veterinary surgery give you advice on meals that you can prepare for them during holidays.

Transition phase

To feed them during your holidays, a practical and effective solution is to feed them with a so-called industrial food, tinned food, dry food or semi-moist food. You must adapt your pets to this change by presenting them their new food a few days before your departure. If they refuse to eat, mix the new food with the one you usually give them and then gradually reduce it. This change can cause some digestive disorders if it is not progressive.


Adapt the type of food to their activities

In case of significant physical efforts, your dogs will need a richer diet. Therefore, choose foods that increase their performance. Avoid feeding them before any activity that could cause a very serious gastric torsion. Give them some high-energy biscuits, as for athletes.

On the contrary, in the case of a decrease in their activities related to heat for example, reduce by one third their meal. An excess of food during the hot months may cause digestive disorders and skin problems (eczema).


Get your dog to lose weight 

Nearly a quarter of pets are obese. During the year, inactivity, loneliness, boredom push your pet to eat more. The holidays are an opportunity to change this: fewer meals per day, “light” foods and more physical activity.


Dr. F. Savary

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