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What should they eat?

Eurovet-Veterinary-Clinic-What-should-they-eatMany petowner consider their pets as human beings: this is known as anthropomorphism. What does that mean in terms of diet? Can and should they eat like us? Here are some answers to help prevent dietary errors.


Drinking milk

It’s certainly not the best drink. Cow’s milk, in particular, is recommended neither for the cat nor for the dog, whatever their age. Firstly, it can not replace the milk of their mother since it is too low in fat, protein and minerals. This would compromise the growth of the young pet. Moreover, it provokes digestive disorders for young pets and adults because of its high lactose content.

The Eurovet Veterinary Surgery in Peñiscola recommends puppy formula (you can found it in your veterinarian shop) for young unweaned and cat milk depleted in lactose for gourmet cats.


Eating meat

Carnivore does not mean “meatvore”. Indeed, meat is a muscle (not a whole prey), low in calcium, in phosphorus, in some essential fatty acids and fiber and is not a complete food for our pets. Its exclusive consumption has disastrous consequences: rickets, bone fragility, eczema, vitamin deficiencies, etc. Mixing meat with dry food is also an aberration!

The Eurovet Veterinary Surgery recommends high quality dry or wet food to guarantee an optimal intake of animal protein, cereals, fiber, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids.


Eat our leftovers

Our pets are not table-top bins! For our pets, our omnivore diet is a source of deficiency and excess with, on the top of everything, a fragile health, a high risk of obesity and food poisoning (chocolate, coffee, onion…).


Feed a puppy like a cat

Although they are both carnivores, their diets are significantly different. Indeed, cat’s needs are higher in animal protein and fat, and lower in carbohydrates (cereals) and fiber. For dogs, this diet will favor bulimia, obesity, bad hair, diarrhea, etc. It is particularly dangerous for heart or kidney diseases.

Place the cat’s bowl out of reach of the dog, in the top of your fridge for example.


Give them olive oil

Rich in fatty acids, it is recognized to reduce bad cholesterol and increase the good one. However, dogs and cats are not very sensitive to hypercholesterolemia. However, a regular intake of omega 6 and 3 is excellent for their health and their coat.

Mix a spoonful of soybean oil, rapeseed oil or walnut oil in a homemade meal. This is not necessary for industrial foods.


Dr. F. Savary



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