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Premium PetFood: because our pets are worth it!

As for human beings, pets have now specific adapted nutrients.Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - Premium Pet Food



Optimum nutrition adapted to their age

Like us, cats and dogs need a perfectly selected food. They need calcium, phosphorus and vitamins (Vitamin E and C) and selenium in order to heighten their immune system. Vitamin E and C, thanks to natural preservatives, also constitute powerful antioxidants. Eurovet surgery offers a wide selection of adapted aliments, rich in several nutrients, called Premium products. They also need Omega 3 and 6, which protect them and increase the development of their brain. This occurs thanks to omega 3, which contains DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

The specific nutrition adapted for a growing pet (puppies) tends to be replaced at the age of 1 (small breeds), by an alimentation oriented toward adult animals. The adult nutrition is a balanced diet, including high quality proteins, fatty acids for the fur, carbohydrates and digestible fats. Remind that largest dogs need 2 years to grow up, and medium dogs, 1 year and a half. That’s why, they need a growth a “little bit” slow.

We recommend you all the food products of Hill’s, whom we are working with in order to offer to pets the best nutrition.

After 7 years-old, finally, the nutrition of your pet has to be oriented for senior pets. Consequently, an alimentation with less fats and phosphorus is recommended. By contrast, and to fight osteoarthritis, it needs more chondroitin sulfate, acid hyaluronic and glucosamine (supporting chondroprotection).


Healthy crunchy kibbles/Teeth cleaning

Tartar can cause gingivitis. To fight it, some determined kibbles rich in natural fibers (lined up), optimize teeth cleaning, acting as a toothbrush. Some brands also sell big size kibbles, efficient for teeth cleaning thanks to some sort of ‘’mechanical system’’. A ‘’chemical’’ solution also exists, but it is less effective. We recommend you to use both products in order to guarantee to your pet a healthy mouth…


How to help your cat to digest fur?

The cat, by licking itself, swallows fur, causing balls inside its stomach. A nutrition rich in natural fibers encourages fur passing faster in the digestive tract.


Nutrition helps to prevent allergies

Diarrhea or Eczema could be caused by an allergy. An “hypoallergenic” nutrition fits in that case. It doesn’t contain beef proteins, gluten and lactose, which is suitable if replaced by proteins coming from fish. Remind that low-cost kibbles produced for supermarkets don’t respect the initial composition enquired on the kibbles’ bag.


Adapted nutrition

For pets that have diseases, solutions exist. For this, your pet just needs the right nutrients. Diabetic pets need more fibers and carbohydrates. For cardiac pets, a nutrition poor in sodium is recommended. Finally, nutrients with a high biological value have to be preferred to nutrients rich in proteins for renal illnesses. The right nutrients also prevent obesity.

Sterilized cats are far better protected than the other cats from troubles coming from the urine. Determined kibbles (with less calcium and minerals) help to fight against this disease.

If you respect these advices, your pet will love you.


Dr. F. Savary.

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