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Tricks to make them take their pill

Eurovet Surgery Peñiscola - Tricks to make them take their pillYour pet doesn’t want to swallow its medicine? Play with his weak points to make him swallow the pill. Whether he is of the size of a bichon or that of a St Bernard, since your animal decided to be stubborn as a mule, it’s very hard to open his mouth to slide him a medicine! The classic method consists in imposing him the tablet on the tongue then in maintaining its jaws closed. But there are other methods which are more pleasant processes, both for the animal and for the master.

How make him swallow the pill?

Crush the tablet until it becomes powder, mix it in 2 ml of “milk for cat” (poor in lactose). Maintain the head of the animal slightly upward, place the tip of a syringe – without needle – on the corner of its mouth, then press on the piston by small pressures.

Eurovet’s advice: make him enjoy at first a little bit of milk without medicine.

How make him lick the pill?

Mix the crushed tablet in some honey, some sweet condensed milk (except for the diabetics) or some butter, and spread the end of a leg so that it licks itself. But if the treatment is long, the animal may stop to lick itself.

Eurovet’s advice: also spread between chops.

How make him eat the pill?

For the dog, hide the medicine in meat or cheese. Make so that the medicine is completely wrapped by the food so that your dog can’t detect the smell. The cat appreciates tuna, sardines, and even olives.

Eurovet’s advice: if your animal doesn’t want to take anything, propose him a special product, appreciated by animals, which facilitates the taking of tablets (Observence, which you will find at the veterinarian).

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