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Relationships between pets and kids

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - Relationships between kids and pets How to improve relationships between pets and children? Eurovet helps you.

Plenty of kids would like to host a new pet in the family. But as for children, a pet needs attention, and needs to be looked after.

Puppies or kittens are like babies when they grow up. Both discover at the same time their new social environment. However, the kid must retains his frustration, expected that the pet doesn’t indulge all his whims. These confines but also the availability of the pet are good for the children’s learning and social development.


The kid owes respect to the animal.

Before playing with it, the kid needs to learn how to respect the pet. That concerns games, trips, walks or even food. These daily simple tasks form part of the education and the maturity of the child. It is important that the child does not consider the pet as an object. The pet may not at any time become a “punch bag”. Parents have to be attentive. If you have a dog, make sure that your child does not disturb the dog when it is eating. Indeed, the dog could become violent regarding to food. You can contact us, at Eurovet, if your want your dog to follows courses for pets, thanks to our “behavioural service centre”.


Choose the right pet.

There are more than 250 breeds of dogs, and nearly 50 species of cats. There are also a large number of crossbreeds’ dogs, as for cats. The choice can be difficult. First of all, ask yourself if you will be able to give to the pet a good standard of life, according to its needs. Some dogs are in trouble to integrate to a new flat when they need to exert themselves a lot. Some other pets are quickly anxious with kids… You also need to think about the sex and the gender of the pet you would like to host. Be careful, male dogs tend to be more aggressive than female dogs.

The best thing to do is to have a pet which is 3 months, in addition to your baby when he is 10 months. Indeed, that’s during this period that the child crosses the emotional awakening stage of the life. If you succeed in that way, that will be for sure a real success for the pet and for your child.

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