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How to adopt an animal

Eurovet Surgery - How to adopt an animal

Eurovet informs you about adoption. Thanks to adoption, you give to the pet which was in pain a new chance. You don’t have the right to disappoint it. That’s why you need to think seriously this matter.

Adoption is a great idea but it is made of obligations. Are really ready for this? Will you be able to host it and maintain it well? As for human beings a pet represents a cost. Think about it first as it is going to spend the next 20 years with you…

Shelters’ pets.

Don’t think that they are only old and bad pets in shelters. That’s false. There are a lot of pets, of various breeds and size. Take a cat or a dog in accordance with your expectations (a quiet one, or a dynamic pet, a loving or a special dog, etc…).

Make easy its arrival.

Be ready to host it. Prepare its stuffs and get it a nice place to sleep. Don’t forget to fill in the administration documents regarding adoption and the shelter. Our clinic, the Eurovet surgery stays at your disposal to for any information. We can even make it pass a general ‘’checkup’’, in order to be sure that it is healthy. Don’t forget to visit our shop and find all what it needs.

Help it to integrate to its new social environment.

At first, pets tend to be nervous. Don’t worry. Take it easy and try to help it. Spray some pheromones all around the house if necessary.

Don’t let them act as if they were kings. They need a social and framed environment in which there are rules to follow. Don’t even hesitate to forbid some things like scrounge food during meals.

Let them take their time and give them a good food.

Finally, remind that the Eurovet surgery is enlisted in helping different shelters in Spain. You can let us your announcements so that we can notice to people that lost or abandoned pets are waiting for a new owner. We can also guide you to shelters.


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