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How to fight fleas


FleasUnwanted fleas.


Wherever you live, fleas are terrible insects that cause itching.

Adult fleas spend the most part of their life in the fur of pets, feeding them thanks to their blood. Fleas settle down in your garden, but also in your house (under the aspect of an egg, a larva or a hidden cocoon). Plenty of them live in your carpets, on your sofa and in a lot of other places of your house, and keep on being invasive during the winter.

How to find them?

Your pet is always itching? Is it losing its fur? First, you have to think about fleas and watch cautiously its fur (above all its back, the stomach and the neck). Examine its fur thanks to a comb to find these fleas. If not, you can also spot them finding their very little stools.

How to treat them?

Generally and unfortunately, fleas cause allergies to pets and can even transmit them worms (as the taenia). To fight fleas, you need to treat your pet but also its environment. Forget these old-fashion tools as collars or shampoo. Use some sort of “growth inhibitory” that kills fleas. This product exists under the form of pills, spray or pipette. And don’t forget, you have also to treat your house thanks to a specific spray. Protect your pet all year, even in winter.

Other animals are also victims of fleas.

Fleas also attack rabbits and ferrets. When it occurs, treat all the pets of the house.


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