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Agitated dogs


It turned your home upside down and it behave badly. Why? How to resolve it? Here are some explanations and tips.

Why such behavior?

The accumulation of bad behavior is often due to a lack of activity. Living conditions as well as activity level play a key role. Its age and race must also been taken into account. Hyperactivity can sometimes be pathological. This is called the HSHA syndrome (hypersensitivity-hyperactivity). It usually affects dogs that have been separated too early from their mother (before 2 months) and which cannot control themselves. They are tireless, insomniac, aggressive, bulimic and even destructive.


How to solve this problem?

To fight against hyperactivity, nothing is better than physical activity, so that your dog can spend its excess of energy. Sport and canine meetings are excellent for those which have energy to burn. It is important that they rub shoulders with other dogs, not only to play with them, but also to learn to control themselves in order to avoid conflict. Dog training classes that we give at the Eurovet surgery will calm your dog and make it more docile.


And if they continue?

Consult a specialist in dog training because this type of disorder may require treatment over several months, combining medicines such as psychotropic and behavioral therapy adapted to his needs.

Dr. F. Savary

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