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Keys of happiness for cats

wanna play Near a third of cats live in an apartment. For some, it seems cruel to deprive them of an outside frame but if all their needs are satisfied, there is no reason for them to be sad.

Choose the races which adapt themselves best

Cats that lived in an opened place during their childhood (street, farm) have more problems to adapt itself to a place closed as an apartment. They behave then as tigers in cage.

We advise you the calm races (Persian, ragdoll) or races sensitive to cold (Siamese, naked cat) appreciating the comfort of an apartment. You need advice? The team of the veterinary clinic Eurovet will help you.

Don’t forget they are hunters

Cats need about 10 to 20 preys a day when they go hunting in the nature. The division of the meals is thus an imperative in apartment. You can leave them a full mess tin self-service or make them look for dry catfood by hiding it in the apartment.

We advise you a mini-hunting ground where you can hide candies in a box filled with chips of polystyrene.

They like climbing

Cats are climbers by nature. Thus increase their living space by giving them refuges in height as cat tree, wall tablets, above of cupboards, empty bookshelf, etc.

We advise you a hammock of radiator because height, comfort and heat condition their happiness.

Save your furniture, put scratching post in your home

Cats need to scratch, it is a pleasure and that relaxs them. To avoid that they make it on your furniture, buy them accessories.

We advise you to rub an olive on the scratching post to attract them.

Make them comfortable for the show

Cats spend the major part of their time looking at the environment which surrounds them. Place chairs near windows so that their psychic balance remains intact.

We advise you an aquarium, because the movements of bubbles and fishes amuse them during hours.

It is not because they are not outside that they shouldn’t do sport

They gain weight? It is normal; they do not spend time hunting the slightest fowl any more. Place a pen laser in the apartment, throw a ball and make at least 10 minutes of daily training.

We advise you the ball of aluminum foil, economic and much appreciated by our big cats.

The key of the happiness is a present master

Cats need above all their master. Your petting activates the production of endorphins, hormones with soothing virtues. Be careful, they hate the solitude.

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