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Put your animals in the shade

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - Put your animals in the shadeAnimals appreciate the heat of the sun but it does not necessarily mean that they are not sensitive to it. Take care of not exposing them too much.


 Why is it better to put them in the shade?

Pets as dogs and cats are not capable of regulating their physical temperature as easily as us. They thus appreciate the strong temperatures on the condition of having something to cool as a wet towel or an air-conditioned room. Make so that they always have a shaded place. If they like the water, do not hesitate to spray them, to get them wet or still let them have a bath, and always leave some available fresh water.


A behavior which can save

The pets which do not bear the strong hot season are in danger of death. Places common as a veranda, a parked car, in the sun and without exit, can be mortal for them. They quickly dehydrate and risk being victim of heat, what can lead to death. Thus try to take them out rather in the morning or in the evening to avoid exposing them to the sun when it is the strongest. In case of blow of warmth, do not hesitate to make them look. If you need help because you can’t bring them with you, the staff of the Eurovet veterinary clinic of Peniscola is there to look after your animals, with a pet-sitting service.


Dr. F. Savary

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