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How to know when your pets are suffering

Eurovet Surgery - Animal sufferingIt is not always obvious to know when your pet suffers, and thus, to look after him. We help you to reveal the signs of suffering.




Strange change of behavior

Isolation, sadness, aggressiveness to an animal which is not usually like this are symptoms to be watched. As well as the dilation of pupils to the cat or the panting and the groans to the dog.


Very particular symptoms

The abdominal pains are mostly emergency sign, particularly if they arise brutally. The stomach is tightened and very sensitive, as soon as we touch it. Generally, the animal is prostrate. Whether it is a twisting of stomach, an intestinal obstruction, a pancreatitis, an infection of the womb, do not wait to take him to the veterinary clinic, it is an urgency.

The dental pains are more frequent than we believe, especially to the old animals. The pet goes then to his mess tin, looks his food and goes away without touching it. Generally, he has a bad breath and can drool. This kind of pain does not disappear spontaneously and it is generally necessary to see the veterinarian.

Joint pains are the most frequent. Is easy to see if your pet limps. Let him rest for 48h and give a homeopathic medicine ( Traumasse-dyl) to solve the problem. If this one persists, it is necessary to consult the veterinarian. If your animal has difficulty in walking up stairs or if he moves with precaution, it is because he has pain in the vertebral column. Do not wait to teke him to the veterinarian, because the simple back pain can quickly be transformed into slipped disc with secondary paralysis. Sometimes a very strong pain can declare itself suddenly, in which case you needs to act fast.

The Eurovet veterinary clinic proposes you an emergency department with an available number 24 hours a day.


Several medicines exist against the pain of your pet

The aspirin and the paracetamol are mortal for cats and anti-inflammatory drugs can aggravate certain problems, as a novice renal insufficiency to the old animals. But the energy medicines as the osteopathy or the acupuncture can relieve joint pains and internal pains without presenting the inconveniences of usual analgesic.


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