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Pet independence

Clinique vétérinaire - Independance animaux

Dogs are the human’s best friend while cats are more independent. This is just one more stereotype: each of them has its part of independence and loyalty. Although cats don’t always follow your orders, they are faithful to their territory and their owners. The Eurovet veterinary surgery gives you some explanations.



An extraordinary power of adaptation

The cat has adapted the way of life of the human being, which is urban. It is able to be happy even in a very small apartment. Although it has kept a strong character, it is quite capable of staying alone for hours, of living in a farm, and in a hot or cold country.


The cat is less dependent to the hierarchy

Unlike the dog, which is a pack animal, the cat is less dependent to the hierarchy. Some more than others: this is a question of race (the Siamese), character, or age. But each cat remains unique!


He is attached, but in another way

There are a lot of examples of cats that die when one of their congeners or a close person disappears. Studies show that the cat is more attached to the hand that gives it stroke than the hand that gives it food. This demostrate its need for affection. There is no specific method to make a cat more faithful. Maybe the only thing you could do is to reinforce its friendly attitudes by a caress, a sweet word or a candy: he will remember it !

Dr. F. Savary

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