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Pets jealousy

Sometimes the arrival of another person in the home can have negative impact on our pets.

Your pets become jealous? They change their behavior since the arrival of a new partner? They do everything to get your attention? We give you some tips to establish a harmonious cohabitation.


Possessive cats

Your cat was away when your new partner gave you his first visit? Therefore, the presentations were never made between him and the newcomer? Now that he lives in your home, your cat is aggressive and growls when he comes closer. He even goes to urinate on your friend’s things.

Cats are territorials and have difficulties to accept changes in their environment, especially the arrival of a stranger. Stressed, they become irritable, shifty, even bulimic. Do not get upset and do not reprimand him, but gradually try to get him used to your partner’s presence. Tell him to feed your cat, for example.


Jealous dogs

Since you have a new partner, your dog is trying to separate you. For this, he tries to impose and harms your relationship day after day.

He grumbles at the slightest approach of your partner? This is not jealousy but dominancy: your dog wants to remind your partner that he is “superior”! Make him clear that you are the dominant. Impose yourself and show him that YOU are running the house. Make him understand that he will have to accept and listen to the newcomer. Therefore, do not give in to any of your dog’s whims. Your partner will also have to be open and positive with your pets.


Dr. F. Savary


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