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Cats Anxiety

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - Cats Anxiety

Eurovet informs you about cats anxiousness. Very famous for being independents, our cats can be very anxious and depressives. Eurovet tells you today how to quiet them.

How to identify an anxious cat?

They are frightened and react to every single sound. They live on their own, are scared by every single change and hate seeing their environment evolve. They tend to urinate everywhere, often lick themselves, and suffer from behavioral troubles like massive appetite, fur losses and aggressiveness.


From where does it come?

There are several reasons.

– Some sort of “imprisonment” after having lived outside.
– The attendance of other cats in the house.
– The fact of being always touched by kids.
– A bad alimentation.
– The fact of loving too “much” its owner, and feeling so bad when this last is not at home.


How to fight anxiousness?

Calming pheromones can be effective. For the most serious cases, we recommend you psychoactive drugs, under the control of your vet.
Plants (passion-flower, valerian or hawthorn) as essential oils can be an alternative solution. Some of them are sold in pills.


Calm down…

Cats urinating all around or in the house will be even more scared if you are angry. They will consider this action as even more worrying. Make sure that its liter is clean and try to be patient.

Dr. F. Savary.

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