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Chihuahua Wearing Eyeglasses August 1999

Take care of your pet’s eyes


The eye is a sensitive organ that requires a perfect hygiene and a regular control. Here are some indications of the Eurovet veterinary surgery to take care of your pet’s eyes.

Your pet has a watery eye

It is common for dogs to have a wet streak at the corner of their eyes. This phenomenon is due to an irritation responsible for an increase in the secretion of tears. Preventively, clean the eyes twice a week with a special solution. For this, remove the hair around and avoid external aggression, especially air drafts (head out the open window of the car).

Test his view

Obstacle trial is to let the animal move to an unknown place.  Firstly, the test is performed in bright light,  and then in attenuated light. Obstacles are added along the way to see if it bangs against them. Then, suddenly approach your hand to the head of the animal by hiding an eye, and then the other eye, avoiding its whiskers. If it don’t blink that proves that it does not see well. For the older pet, the crystalline lens gradually becomes opaque, giving this bluish-white appearance: it is the cataract, which appears around the age of 10 years. It is necessary to try to slow down this evolution by therapeutic treatments based on vitamins, trace elements, homeopathic preparations (VT Phak, Cataracyl). Watching your pet’s eyes preserve its sight and, consequently, its freedom to enjoy a balanced life.

Dr. F. Savary

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