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How to wash your cat?

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You thought it was impossible? However, the bath can become a moment of complicity between you and your cat. As surprising as it may seem, cats love water, and some of them prove to be great swimmers! Even if they spend their time grooming, it is sometimes necessary to give them a bath … The Eurovet veterinary surgery give you some advice.

How often should he be washed?

• If he is a beauty pageant star, you can wash him two days before his show.

• If he is suffering a skin desease that requires a treatment.

• If he rubbed against a vehicle.

• If he is a Persian. With his fine and long fur, a monthly bath is necessary, as well as the passage of the comb each day.

• If he is huge, help him to do a bit of washing.

• In case of hot weather, it will refresh him.


How to make everything goes at best?

Before the bath, detangle the hair of your cat with a brush, and then with a comb.

At the bottom of the bathtub, basin or sink, lay a non-slip mat and fill it with a few inches of water between 37 ° and 38 ° C.

Carefully deposit the animal by stroking him.

Wet gradually his hair with a cup.

Be carefull not to use your own shampoo or that of your children: even the softest shampoos remain irritating, or toxic if swallowed. Choose a “special cat” product (between 8 and 15 €).

Do not apply the shampoo directly on his hair. Prefer diluting it before in a bowl of lukewarm water. Then wash the animal by massaging and stroking him, avoiding the area of the head.

Rinse him for a long time using the cup or a low-power shower jet.

Wrap him in a towel and dry him.

If he is used to the sound of the hair dryer, set it on the lowest power and hold the device 15 cm from his hair. If he seems afraid, leave him in a room without drafts.

At the end, do not forget a candy as a reward!


Dr. F. Savary

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