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Pet Grooming: Your dog’s bath

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - Pet Grooming: Your dog’s bathIn the pet grooming, the bath represents an important hygiene measure. Why? When? How? The Eurovet veterinary clinic from Peniscola gives you advice and helps you to make this moment pleasant.




Why does a dog need a bath?

One of the reasons is hygienic: elimination of the dead hairs, the dust, the dandruff, the excess of sebum. For dogs which have a fragile skin, it is also a way to eliminate the allergenic factors (acarids, molds). Finally, it teaches it to obey, to accept the constraints: an educational session in a way.


How to choose your produces

If the dog’s skin has a positive pH, alkaline, you should not use too acid shampooes. Choose the best adapted to the profile of your animal: Allermyl for sensitive skin, Seboderm for skin with strong smell, Pyoderm if the animal presents small buttons, Thionicapil “S” with vitamin F if the hair is mat. Ask advice from your veterinarian. You will find in the shop of the Eurovet veterinary clinic many products adapted to the needs of your animal.


How long do you have to wait between two baths?

It depends on the length of the hair, on the lifestyle (pollution of cities), activities, and size of the dog (the smallest get dirtier). On average, a monthly wash is enough.


Of what way is it necessary to wash it?

–              Settle an anti-skid carpet at the bottom of the bathtub.

–              Wet it with a weak tepid water jet, in order not to terrify it.

–              Shampoo it (be careful of long-haired races, which are more fragile). Let act the shampoo for several minutes.

–              Rinse abundantly and carefully.

–              Dry the sub-hair of the animal tending to keep the humidity at first with a towel, then with a hairdryer (be careful not to burn it).

Finally, do not leave it in the garden when it dries: he would roll on the ground to take back its initial smell and you would have to start all over again.


Dr. F. Savary

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