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Our pets, our best friends

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Pets play a vital role in some people lifes. After period of discovering each other, when everyone tries to tame the other, comes the time of complicity, which can be intense. Pets need their owners, which create a source of endless happiness for them.

Pets allow to feel better, when you feel sad or when you are alone.




Our animals can allow us to meet people

During daily walks, dogs facilitate meetings and can become the reason for 2 people to share, when otherwise they would never have spoken.

This also applies for cats, which, during a getaway at the neighbors’ house, can trigger friendly contacts with the neighborhood.


Our animals help us to stay active

Stroking an animal lowers arterial tension. Cardiovascular problems seem less frequents.

For the Seniors, walking the pet is a way to move and to perform daily physical exercise, allowing them to fight against sedentary lifestyle.

In Japanese and American companies, pet therapy is always more employed. For example, people can walk a dog through the office at fixed hours, or cats are allowed to move as they want in the premises. Far from distracting employees, this canine break is very beneficial against the stress.

Dr. F. Savary

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