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How to master your pet’s fear of the veterinarian

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - How to master your pet’s fear of the veterinarianGoing to the veterinarian is a nightmare for them? Even you fear this moment? Some advice to make this moment becomes less difficult. The majority of cats or dogs arrive worried at the veterinarian. The unknown environment, the bad memory, the pain, the disease, the other present animals, the smell: so many factors which put animals in unpleasant position.

 Do not let your concern appear

The owners of pets usually try to reassure their small companions by whispering them that everything is well. But this unusual behavior causes the opposite effect and confirms the fact that they are on enemy territory. It is thus preferable to avoid this kind of attitude. The veterinarians know what they make, you have to rely on them and not worry about your pet. The team of the veterinary clinic Eurovet guarantees you the best possible care for your animals.

Give him a relaxing product

Be the most normal possible and act as you generally do at home. If you are quiet, so will they be. Nevertheless, the foreign environment and the smells of stress put down by animals before them worry them. Arrange soothing pheromones in the basket so that they arrive relaxed. If they are always aggressive, plan to give them a painkiller for the next meeting.

Let him get used to his transport basket

Certain cats are put under stress even before arriving to the veterinarian. The simple sight of the transport basket makes them anxious because the object is associated with the loss of the familiar territory, the marks, but nothing positive. Do not force them but make them appreciate this basket by letting them rise in it as often as possible with the help of candies. Encourage them by caresses and soothing words.

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