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Domestic accidents involving pets


Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - Advices - Domestic accidents involving petsHome is a place where a lot of accidents could be avoided. A lot of them currently happen because of a lack of caution.

Intoxication: What are the risks?

Painting, cleaning products, solvent, laundry detergent, white king, adhesive products, insecticides… Plenty of products can be dangerous for your pets in case of ingestion. The list is exhaustive and the risks are real, particularly for puppies, kittens, nervous or dismayed pets.

Eurovet advises to “hide” these cleaning products. Don’t clean your pet with hydrocarbons (as White Spirit or turpentine) if its fur is stained. Why? Because the pet is often licking itself, ant that could cause burns. It is better to cut the infected fur.

Drowning, a serious risk.

Pets like water. They also like playing. As they are curious, they tend to get in the bath or in the toilet, and can easily drown, even in very little water.

Check that the bath is empty and that the toilet lid is shut. Watch in the dishwasher before closing the door. Swimming pools also represent a real danger for your pets.

How to avoid electrocution?

Puppies and kittens like to bite everything that passes in front of them (cables, garlands, etc…). Keep out of reach of pets these electrical cables. That could cause burns or death…

Unplug your electrical appliances if you leave. Give to your pet food toys and cover these cables with a product that has a deterrent effect (like Tabasco sauce or lemon grass). Don’t forget, that cats like to play with the cord of the garbage. For this reason, you need to be careful.


Even if a pet tends to stay away from a flame, the kitchen still needs to be seen as an insecure place for it. Indeed, boiling liquids or hot electric cooktops represent a danger for your cat.

Keep your cat away from the kitchen worktop and spray it with water if it comes too close to the kitchen counter. Remind to check that your cat doesn’t hang out around your car. Too many times, we discover every year cats burnt in your engine.

Cat falls.

Kittens and old cats are really concerned by this kind of accident. This is the first cause of death for in-house cats. Install mosquito nets on all opening windows and install fences and barriers in your garden.

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