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Animals suffer as us

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - Animals suffer as usIt is not always easy to understand the messages our pet tries to make us pass by its acts. The Eurovet veterinary clinic helps you to interpret them. We wanted for a long time to ignore that animals suffered too. As it could not express their pain with words, it was easier to deny its existence. And nevertheless, confronted with the pain, the animal suffers as us and changes its behavior.


 Symptoms which show that it suffers

On the one hand, if your animal keeps a drop ear or complains by scratching it, if it limps by keeping a leg in the air, the pain is precise and localized. On the other hand, groans and repeated shouts do not allow localizing the phenomenon. But if the dog shouts with pain by having difficulty walking up stair, it presents pains of the vertebral column. The cat which, in front of its mess tin runs away as if it was afraid has certainly dental problems or inflammation of the gums. The veterinarians of the Eurovet veterinary clinic of Peniscola are there to help animals by finding the origin of the pain and by remedying it.

A modification of behavior

The animal which suffers can show of excitement or apathy. It’s possible that it won’t eat as much as before and will sleep less. Permanent pains can cause a panting and dilated pupils. Certain animals isolate themselves. As this old dog which did not participate any more in the family life. It was necessary to remove from it a damaged tooth. Immediately, the animal took back a normal life.

Be careful of the animals which overplay

Because of the very close relations between man and animals like dogs and cats, it happens sometimes that the animal exaggerates. Its resistance in the pain is, as for man, more or less important according to the age, the character, the education…

Psychologically also, it is sensitive

There is an extreme attachment of the animal towards its master, that’s why it is capable of feeling a real moral pain, even a depression in the event of death of the owner. Barking, loud roaring are the first symptoms. The animal can then enter a state of prostration. Whether its pain is physical or moral, it must be relieved by consulting if needed.


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