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Car journeys

Veterinaria Peñiscola Eurovet - Car journeys

The car represents the most common means of transport for our pets. Generally, dogs and cats are very well by car since they were been used to be transported. Cats travel generally in their basket / cage of transport and dogs where they will not bother the driver. From then on, for our pets, the car is a little a second mobile home in which they left their smell, what reassures them. However, contrary to what we can think, all do not appreciate it…



Make sure that they are used from their youngest age

Pets must be used as soon as possible because they do not feel so much stress when they are young, especially during their phase of learning. It is thus easier to teach them to get acquainted with this means of transportation.

It is different for older pets. Accustom them gradually, first of all by settling you with them in this closed space, then by turning on the engine, and finally realizing short drives, rather to a place of leisure. They will become used more or less fast to the noise and to the movement, then will appreciate to travel with you. Keep a leash and some water with you if necessary.

For pets presenting a real aversion for your vehicle

For the worried dogs, it is always possible to try to realize an association in mind of your animal between the car and a reward such as a candy. Very useful and completely natural, there are also pheromones of synthesis which you can spray inside the vehicle and which will reassure them a lot.

Finally, in the extreme cases, or when your animals (dogs or cats) are subject to the travel sickness, your veterinarian will give you a medication to set before the travel by car.

Dr. F. Savary

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