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Too social dogs

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - Article - Too social dogs

It is certainly very pleasant to have a sociable and nice dog, however be careful of the excess of kindness!


In what case is a dog considered as too sociable?

A dog with a balanced behavior is going to welcome the visitors very well, and this is completely normal. It happens nevertheless that certain dogs are “too” sociable. They can for example rise in the car of the first to come, or even hit off with the burglars in your apartment. Such a behavior can then really pose a problem. Besides, an excess of kindness in dogs comes along with a player character: it may knock down an elderly person or hurt a child. The team of the veterinary clinic Eurovet of Peniscola proposes you its services to face such a behavior.

Set things straight 

Fix them limits and remind them the rules if they forgot them. Test them with a practical case in which they have to turn someone’s back on, and precisely a person suggesting them a candy. Then it has to return towards you. If it is not effective, consult a specialist in the canine behavior. The department of animal behavior of the Eurovet veterinary clinic is there to teach your dog how to behave better.

Dr. F. Savary

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