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How to avoid that your cat puts on weight

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - How to avoid that your cat puts on weightThe weight’s gain in pets decreases their life expectancy because of a bigger risk of disease. In France and in England, more than 2 animals on 5 would be in overweight. Here is some advice so that they lose weight.



Weigh them…

Weighing your animal regularly will allow you to become aware of weighty variations: weigh it approximately every 2 months. You just have to go to Eurovet veterinary clinic to weigh your companion for free as often as you wish.

Before, don’t forget to weight the transport’s cage on the balance of your veterinary center and to register it on the back of it. Weigh then systematically your cat in the same transport’s cage and deduct from the weight indicated by the balance, the weight of the cage in order to know your cat’s weight.

Do not either hesitate to ask the veterinary team of the veterinary clinic Eurovet to register your cat’s weight in its index card every time you weigh it. They will thus keep the historical background of your cat’s weight.


Opt for a varied food

Give your cats swill or dry catfood. Boxes, for a long time banished, are today rehabilitated because of their effect on the satisfaction and of their big contribution in water (75 %). Dry catfood prevent the formation of tartar and, often less appetizing, limit the ingested quantities and thus the weight of your animals.

In the case of the greedy cats, multiply the number of meals to avoid that they are hungry between the meals: you can use an electronic distributor to program meals at fixed hours (every 4 hours for example) during your absence. You can also add fibers like green vegetables, although numerous cats refuse to eat this. They present numerous advantages:

–              They bring only little energy

–              Fibers are carbohydrates of slow digestion, supply with some glucose less quickly and longer, and allow to extend the curve of glycemia (and thus the satisfaction) longer.

–              They occupy many space for little of calories which they bring, supplying a long-lasting sensation of satisfaction by “pressure on linings “.


A more constant activity

Take advantage of the playfulness and the hunter instinct of your cat so that they move more.

Think of placing their mess tin in a place in height: that makes them do of the exercise and prevents the dogs from stealing their food. Make them hunt croquettes thanks to toys planned for that purpose allows them to lose weight while having fun: a playful and effective means so that they keep the shape!

The timekeeper-laser is an ideal indoor game for cats because it allows them to make a maximum of effort whereas you just have to move it a little. There are even motorized and autonomous systems the timekeeper of the laser of which moves in a random way. These games allow exerting themselves well (100kcal in 10 minutes).

Finally, there are also the other games allowing making move your cat: do not hesitate to visit our shop and to ask advice from our team in case of doubts.


Relax them

The stress, by the endogenous secretion of cortisol, gives hunger. To relax your animal, arrange a diffuser of soothing pheromones. It will so be less obsessed by the food.


Dr. F. Savary

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