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Clases Para Cachorros Educacion Canina 2 Full

Puppy Class

Educación CaninaEducación Canina“Properly trained, dog may be the man’s best friend”

Throughout its development, your puppy is exploring the world around him, learning to relate to it and socialization with other individuals whether of the same species or not. The apprenticeship he is making now determines his future conduct. A proper socialization will make your dog a well-breed animal throughout his entire life. So we offer puppy classes with both theoretical and practical content:

General knowledge about your pet health and management:

  • Basic information on dog’s health, medical assistance and prevention
  • Perform daily cares (cleaning eye, ear care, nails cut, give the medication …)

Behavior and dog training:

  • Interactions with other animals and/or persons
  • Basic commands like Sit, Down, Stand…
  • Getting used to noises and new environments or situations
  • Learn to properly make their needs
  • Letting handling, brushing, examine…
  • Learn to inhibit the bite reflex
  • Walking with and without a leash…


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