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Senility in pets

Veterinario Peñiscola Eurovet - Senility in pets

The disorders caused by the cerebral ageing do not affect only men. Animals are also subject to the problems of orientation or to the progressive loss of the memory. In old dogs, there is a disease similar to Alzheimer (which only exists in humans): the confusional syndrome… All the things which your pets learnt fade little by little of their memory.



How to reveal the disease?

Whether it is in the house or outside, your dog seems disorientated and does not know any more where are its mess tin, its basket and the other objects of its everyday life. When you take it out without leash, it seems lost and does not find any more the way of the house, sometimes even at 50 meters. It does not hear either very well when you call it. It lost the notion of time and wakes everybody. Sometimes, it makes its needs inside, near its pillow. It has phases of stupefaction, even absence: it does not know any more where it is, what is going on, nor even its name. It obeys moreover less and less, loses interest little by little in you and in small pleasures of life, such as the games and the caresses. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to ask a veterinarian. At the veterinary clinic Eurovet, we have a department of animal behavior which will know how to help you. Big cats are also victims of this syndrome: the signs of senility are less frequent. On the other hand, their runnings away by loss of marks, their dirt, their night-overactivity or their sudden distrust to a member of the family can be forerunners of ageing disorders in animals of more than 10 years.

Handle as soon as possible its cognitive disorders

This disease is not a fate and an early treatment can very well slow down its evolution while improving its behavior. There are brain oxygenators which allow the brain to receive more oxygen and thus more energy. You can also help it thanks to antioxidants and phospholipids which will protect the central nervous system by acting directly at the level of neurons.

To help it, train its memory

There are numerous exercises intended to stimulate the memory and it is possible to find toys of “reflection” which help in the learning. You will find at the veterinary clinic Eurovet professionals who will know how to help you.

Dr. F. Savary

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