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How to contract a good insurance for your pets

Veterinarian Surgery Peniscola - How to insure the health of your pet

Today, most of the insurance companies offer services to insure your pets. You may think that a pet’s insurance is useless. The Eurovet veterinary clinic explains you why it is important to have a pet’s insurance, and helps you in your choice.


Many advantages for your best companion

The insurances for animals allow the veterinarians not to be slowed down any more in their therapeutic approach by aspects of economic order. We are done with the quick operations. Knowing that there is

a complete bearing of the costs at the time of hard time and that the maximum can be made to cure your animals offers you an important psychological profit. That’s the reason why the Eurovet veterinary clinic

of Peniscola offers you a health insurance service for your pets.


Read between the lines

Contracts often include an important list of exclusions:

                – Generally the sterilization, the descalings, the vaccines, the antiparasitic, the deworming, the food even dietary, the hygiene products, the non-pharmaceutical products are not paid off.

                – There are companies who exclude from the guarantee the hereditary or congenital illnesses (dysplasia) or the affection declared before the signature (diabetes).

The franchising is not systematic, although it is frequent. In that case, 20 to 50 % of the costs are payable by you. Most of the contracts impose a ceiling of refund going from 800 to 2 500 € often fast reached. Finally, with the age, the compensations can decrease and/or the contributions increase!


Better warn than cure

We often think about a health insurance for our pet when something happens to him (accident, illness). There are insurance companies which don’t take care of the costs for ill or old animals, or which impose a

certain period of deficiency. We thus advise you to insure it from its acquisition. Be careful of the contract which do not take everything into account and prefer those which cover the diseases besides the accidents /

surgeries and the relative care.


Compare the various offers of several companies.

In the Eurovet veterinary clinic, we have made it for you and we have decided to offer you an insurance with a good value for money.

Furthermore, we are authorized to realize the insurance contracts directly on the spot. Stop with the laborious steps: in 10mn you can contract your custom-made insurance by benefiting from enlightened advice of

your veterinarian.

Dr. F. Savary

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