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Dog sexuality: How to calm you dog’s heat ?

Eurovet Surgery in Peñiscola - How to calm you dog's heat?

Some dogs get excited over all which moves, and it can be a problem when you have guests at home! Your dog is like this and you don’t know what to do anymore? Follow these recommendations …

Some knowledge in canine reproduction

The reproduction and the canine sexuality are two topics tackled during the classes for puppies at the veterinary clinic Eurovet of Peniscola: at the age of 5-6 months begins the period of puberty for dogs. For the male, the hormonal changes sometimes entail a behavior which can be seen as an aggravated sexual behavior. They get excited over diverse objects or persons. This behavior is natural and can reappear later when the dog perceives a female in heat around.

This phenomenon is also observed, although less frequently, for females.


A sign of dominance

Once the puberty is crossed, this behavior is no more sexual but hierarchical. It is for the dog a way of asserting its dominance on his subordinates, his congeners or still the persons of its circle of acquaintances.

Specialists in animal behavior explain this behavior by the fact that in a group, only the dominant have the right to express openly his sexuality. To differentiate the behavior of dominance from the real sexual horsemanship, it is enough to observe indeed the animal: during a hierarchical horsemanship, the dog mimes the projection without erection whereas during the sexual overlapping, the dog makes at first an intense phase of sniffing and then enters in erection and finally takes up the female.


Do not stay without making anything, you have to act quickly!

If it is about young dogs, it is generally enough to wait for the end of the adolescent crisis so that this behavior goes out from itself. In every case, the masturbation of the dog on legs or arms of his masters should be totally banned and reprimanded: this behavior is a privilege of dominant dog and your dog should remain dominated within your family! Push him deeply aside and send him back to the basket, what remains the best punishment because you take him away from the group. You will so show him that you are the “leader” by reminding to him what the rules you established are.


Is the castration the solution?

If the behavior had to go on in spite of an adequate education, the castration is a possible option: it solves 100 % of the cases of overlapping for sexual reasons (female dog in hot season in the neighborhood) and improves the education of dogs tends.


Dr. F. Savary

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