The Eurovet clinic is above all a multidisciplinary team of professionals, all graduates, with complementary experiences and skills. With an excellent cohesion in the workplace and a continued education plan, we work together with a simple goal: offering the best care and the best possible services to solve the problems of our clients and, above all, our patients.

As animal health professionals, relationships with animals are the real reasons that motivate us. That’s why we always strive to ensure that the animals who stay in our clinic receive all the attention and love they need.

Dr. Franck Savary

Veterinarian and manager


Veterinary Doctor, Diploma from the Veterinary University of Toulouse (France).

Master course in “Wildlife Health and Veterinary Medicine” at the Royal Veterinary College in London, awarded “Merit”.

Numerous continued training courses, available on Linkedin.

Passionate about animals, including wildlife, Dr. F. Savary trained at the Paris Zoo and he also trained at the Royal Veterinary College in London, in conjunction with the Wildlife Institute and Zoo of Paris.

During his training in Wildlife, Dr. F. Savary was very early educated about animal welfare. This is why, since his professional integration, he has always collaborated with animal care and protection centers. Moreover, the Eurovet clinic is currently working with several Spanish refuges, spread from Castellón to the Delta d’Ebre, as well as with many individuals involved in the collection, accommodation, care and adoption of abandoned animals.

Prior to any veterinary practitioner and surgeon, Dr. F. Savary has always demonstrated a strong interest in unconventional therapies. Far from replacing allopathy, he combines it with his knowledge of unconventional therapies to perfect his results. In this capacity, he underwent a three-year training in Veterinary Homeopathy with AMVAC’s Biotherapies group and then continued with numerous seminars in alternative therapies courses. All of these new techniques allows him, in his everyday practice, to offer a more complete medical approach to her patients to fill the gaps in the traditional system and to open up even more his therapeutic possibilities.

Anna Bodganowitz

Technical Veterinary Assistant.


Graduated of the Veterinary Nutritional Advisor as a specialist in animal nutrition.

Graduated as Technical Assistant in Veterinary Medicine at the European Institute of Business Studies.

Her family has always had animals of different origins and she grew up with dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and many other animals. Her passion for animals was born and soon she began working in the veterinary world. Currently she has three dogs: Monty, Merlin y Gina.

Anna always finds the time to help other animals. Her favorite was a dog named Lotho, who grown up perfectly and found a family with her help.


Technical Veterinary Assistant and Pet Groomer


Samira has always enjoyed life surrounded by animals. She first adopted a Persian cat she called ‘Bug’. Today, Bug shares a home with 2 other cats (Meowin de Rohan and Sidi Blinder) and 3 dogs (Sidra, Maximus and Eyna).

Samira has always been involved with animal shelters and welfare charity organizations. She has been looking after several colonies of stray cats, as well as a pack of wild dogs. For many years she has been an active ambassador of BASMA (Alimentation Solidarity Bank of the Animalist Movement), a national association that, as far as possible, provides support by distributing food to shelters and other animal associations that lack resources.

She took her animals to a pet grooming salon, but disappointed by the results, she decided to train as a canine and feline groomer so she could take care of her pets. This allowed her to develop professional skills enabling her to work in this key area of animal welfare and health.




Samantha trained in veterinary medicine at the faculty of the University of Health Sciences in Lithuania.

Her family had many pets over the years (a Persian cat and an English bulldog to name but two!). It was these strong relationships that encouraged her to consider a veterinary career.

Samantha now shares her life with ‘Pupa’ a shelter cat. She loves working with animals. Her commitment is clear from the many hours she has dedicated as a volunteer in an animal welfare society in order to pursue her ambition to be a vet.



Austeja is a qualified veterinarian from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. She has had the opportunity to practice as an intern at various veterinary practices and a zoo.

With a taxidermist and naturalist father she has always been surrounded by animals of all kinds, such as dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, arachnids, rabbits, rodents, martens... which inspired her interest in veterinary medicine. Her future was already mapped out: To work in animal welfare.

Austeja now lives with her four dogs Bela, Altajus, Atika and Amuras, a rescued cat and also Krokas a wounded crow that she saved from death. Her passion for dogs has focused her career on small animal practice.