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All your results in just few minutes…

We have our own Lab with all the material necessary to realize most of the day to day analysis.

We can provide the test results within a few minutes and then apply the appropriate treatment without the need to wait for external laboratory results.

Análisis Bioquímico


We have a biochemical machine which permits us to explore metabolic disorders such as diabetes, renal or hepatic insufficiency, cholesterol…

Análisis Hematológico


Our hematology analyzer provides blood cells counts and investigate hematological disorders like anemy, infection…

Analisis Urinario

Urinary Test

We make completed urinary analysis including density measure through refractometry, Heller´s reaction and urinary sedimentation for microscopic diagnostic of bladder diseases such as cystitis, urinary crystals, diabetes, kidney failure.


Colorations and microscopic examination

We made our own microscopical analysis of blood or tissues smears to detect hemoparasites, ear mites, tumor cells…



We do coprological analysis to diagnose the parasitic diseases of the intestinal track. This procedure permit us detect worms, eggs… So, we are able to identify the parasites and to quantify the infestation level in order to choose the best treatment.

Test Rápido

Quick Test

We have a wide range of quick tests, which identify in a few minutes parasitological or viral diseases such as leishmaniasis, distemper virus, Parvovirus, Feline Leukemia Virus… Very dangerous diseases which need an specific treatment.

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