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A Perfect Oral Hygiene

A perfect oral hygiene

Eurovet-Veterinary-Clinic-Oral-hygieneAccording to statistics, over 85% of dogs suffer from gingivitis problems during their lifes.

Periodontal disease comes from dental plaque. It begins with inflammation of the gums and progresses to the area around the teeth (periodontal) provoking the retraction of the gums. The bacteria can colonize the alveolar bone and cause the periodontal disease. If your pet has the following symptoms, you should suspect a buccal pathology:

  • Halitosis (Bad breath)
  • Hipersalivation
  • Presence of brown deposits on the teeth, especially at the junction between teeth and gums
  • Bleeding of the gums
  • Decrease of food consumption: your pet goes with enthousiasm to its bowl, but only ingests soft foods and rejects dry food
  • Inflammation, or even appearance of a fistula in the maxilla, just below the eye
  • It scratches his face with its forelegs

Your pet has bad breath, dental plaque? Eurovet give you some tips.

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New insurance Equivet

Clinica veterinaria - Equivet - Beatriz arias jordan



We have developed a preventive health program for your horse to ensure the best sanitary conditions and the best possible care for your animal.

Almost all the basic treatments for your horse are included in our service Equivet:

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Equine Medicine

We propose an ambulatory service for horses, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, including medical and surgical emergencies assistance. Besides competing during 9 years in “Horse eventing” (Dressage test, Cross country, and Jumping test), our equine specialist Beatriz…

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Tricks To Make Them Take Their Pill

Tricks to make them take their pill

Eurovet Surgery Peñiscola - Tricks to make them take their pillYour pet doesn’t want to swallow its medicine? Play with his weak points to make him swallow the pill. Whether he is of the size of a bichon or that of a St Bernard, since your animal decided to be stubborn as a mule, it’s very hard to open his mouth to slide him a medicine! The classic method consists in imposing him the tablet on the tongue then in maintaining its jaws closed. But there are other methods which are more pleasant processes, both for the animal and for the master.

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