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How To Wash Your Cat?

How to wash your cat?

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You thought it was impossible? However, the bath can become a moment of complicity between you and your cat. As surprising as it may seem, cats love water, and some of them prove to be great swimmers! Even if they spend their time grooming, it is sometimes necessary to give them a bath … The Eurovet veterinary surgery give you some advice.

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Take Care Of Your Animal During The Winter

Take care of your animal during the winter

Clinique Vétérinaire Eurovet Peñiscola - Toilettage: Prenez soin de votre animal pendant l'hiver

Pets also feel the changes of seasons and thus the cold of the winter.

In spite of their fur, dogs and cats are not protected against a cold snap, some being more sensitive to it than others. The Scandinavian dogs, the chow, the St Bernard or coon Maine are much better provided with their dense and oily hair than the fine, short-haired animals or the mini-sizes (chihuahua, Yorkshire) of fragile constitution. The age and the weight also play a role: the young people, the seniors, the thin and the obese dogs are more sensitive to cold.

In this article I give you some pieces of  advice, so that this season doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

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