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17 July 2018

Take care of your pet’s eyes

The eye is a sensitive organ that requires a perfect hygiene and a regular control. Here are some indications of the Eurovet veterinary surgery to take […]
9 July 2018

How to wash your cat?

You thought it was impossible? However, the bath can become a moment of complicity between you and your cat. As surprising as it may seem, cats […]
10 January 2013

Take care of your animal during the winter

Pets also feel the changes of seasons and thus the cold of the winter. In spite of their fur, dogs and cats are not protected against […]
8 October 2012

Pet Grooming: Your dog’s bath

In the pet grooming, the bath represents an important hygiene measure. Why? When? How? The Eurovet veterinary clinic from Peniscola gives you advice and helps you […]